A Visit to Switzerland

Switzerland is magical.

Not only do they have the Alps, which are just as stunning as you might imagine, they also have sweet little touches about them that to me make their country even more lovable. Their cows wear bells (and also have beauty contests), they have incredible chocolate, their birds are super friendly (you’ll see them in pictures below), and they have zopf¬†sold in bakeries. Zopf is a really yummy bread my mom actually made quite a bit as I was growing up. When we stopped and got it one afternoon it felt like a little bit of home had followed me to Europe. <3

We flew into Zurich and stayed there every night as our base. We went around Zurich a bit, and also took day trips out to see Mount Titlis (part of the Alps!), a gorgeous old town called Lucerne, Rhine Falls, and a small historic town right near the border of Germany called Stein am Rhein.

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